How Chickp. improved system efficiency without the requirement for a brand-new ERP!

How Chickp. improved system efficiency without the requirement for a brand-new ERP! 150 150 Chickp Admin

How Chickp. improved system efficiency without the requirement for a brand-new ERP!

We explain how Chickp. delivered immediate efficiency using just the tools already available within an expanding technology company.

During the latter part of 2019, founder Tessa Hebditch worked with Glide, a UK-based technology company that has grown through acquisition with more recent expansion into Europe. Glide are specialists in delivering market-leading, super-fast and reliable broadband, network and utility solutions for students, residential developers, and businesses.

The engagement began after the client wanted to realise more efficiency from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system put in place a few years earlier. In particular, they wanted more automated and accurate cashflow forecasting.

Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence that companies can spend big money on ERP systems that do not deliver instant or as much improvement in efficiency as expected. At the heart of this disappointment are the processes themselves. If you are trying to fit inefficient and sometimes unnecessary processes into a system while it is being implemented, you set yourself up for instant failure. It is always worthwhile to get a specialist, unbiased third-party to assess business processes and help determine what software may be right for you.

ERP’s are assumed to provide all the answers, but you may not even need a new system at all!

We got to work right away using Sage X3’s business intelligence tool for creating bespoke reports. All the information required to forecast short-term cashflow was available in the ERP somewhere, it just needed us to locate the right fields, join the tables at the correct points and voila, an Excel-instigated reporting tool was

There are many things around this new tool however that needed refining to ensure its benefit was realised into the future. This included:

  • creating branded training guides for the tool
  • training sessions and handover
  • defining the processes that directly affect the tool’s usability, e.g. inputs into the ERP that are required for the tool to work

Being seen as the ERP expert in the Glide finance team meant I was privy to other conversations around sub-par functionality within the ERP system. This led to immediate further engagement where we achieved the following:

  • visibility of budget and spend data to multiple project managers
  • evidence of fixed asset location, return on investment (ROI) and project spend as part of the ongoing Due Diligence work (private equity sale and purchase)
  • purchase ledger data cleanse
  • improved efficiency with the accounts payable payment run process
  • business case and requirements document created for automating the sales invoicing process with system developers
  • work-in-progress reporting and reconciliation tool

And all this over 5 months at just 2 days per week!

We think the testimonial speaks for itself:

“I had the pleasure of working with Tessa over the part of 2019 when I needed some senior resource to deliver some projects. Tessa offers both great attention to detail and a higher level understanding of the requirements of the organisation. Completely self sufficient, I could trust her to get on with things knowing that she’ll only need my time to update and refine deliverables. I would whole heartily recommend her for future financial project programs.” – Simon King, Finance Director, Glide UK

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