Our services

Adding real value to a business means adapting to their needs and putting people first. We’re flexible and autonomous, using robust data analytics to create tailored solutions that boost team performance and help individuals to shine.

Our typical finance transformation services include:

Systems are vital in ensuring the flow of easily accessible, accurate and timely data. We provide unbiased advice and partner with qualified accountants who understand the key processes and team objectives:

Data cleanse

Ideal for working systems that need cleaning up after a period of little or no maintenance. We get to know your processes and put in place new tools that will ensure sound data maintenance moving forward.

System Implementation

From simple accountancy software to an all-singing, all-dancing ERP, our team will make sure the project delivers on your requirements.

From gap analysis and mapping to internal audits and automation, we review your processes and find more streamlined ways of working. We can also carry out full organisational process reviews if needed:

Process design

Concerned about inefficiencies? We can work with you to explore and design a better way of working that ensures your team add more value.


Do you have the necessary manuals in place? Is your team familiar with the internal policies that govern them? We can help you create version-controlled documentation for these purposes.

Our highly effective development programme fosters confident and skilled teams that drive business success. We facilitate a mix of group exercises for either groups, whole teams or individuals to help us develop an understanding of the challenges they face.


Working with the whole team is the most effective approach to mentoring/coaching as it enables us to assess opportunities for improvement across the team, re-assign roles if necessary and inspire stronger long-term leadership.


Coaching is a great development tool for rising stars or for those who have performance issues that have made it difficult to spot areas for improvement.